The Timau route, the main access route on the north side of the mountain, lies in a major rain shadow. Because of this, there is a very little forest on this side of the mountain. However, since you are inside a low rainfall zone it generally makes for a drier safari and a more pleasant trek.

Mountain Climbing

Mount Kenya Climbing Expedition: Nelion-Batian Route

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The preferred route on Nelion is the MacKinders route. This is a 5th class rock route to a maximum difficulty of 5.6. There are easier sections where the party can move together, but typically, some 17 plus pitches are belayed. Descent is by the same route, with a few of the rappels taking more direct […]

Going up this route is a challenge: rough underfoot, an overgrown track more used by elephants than humans, muddy when wet, no huts and with dense stands of giant bamboo and montane forest -why would you want to take it? Well, it’s for real wilderness aficionados. The route was pioneered during colonial days and then […]