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Anga Afrika Luxury Boutique Camp

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How come you decided to create a tented camp specifically? Even though we get asked this question so many times, we never grow tired of it. It shows that we do things a little differently. Most of the time we justify our camp by saying that the experience of living in a luxury tent compared to an ordinary hotel room is incomparable, that when getting woken up in the morning by all sorts of exotic animal noises is something extraordinary and that the feeling of being connected to nature in such a luxury setting is indescribable.

With only 6 luxury tents Anga Afrika offers a serene and intimate environment where you will be able to completely relax and unwind before heading off to one of Kenya’s many national parks for your unforgettable safari experience.

So what is our why? There are many eloquent sounding points we could put in here but in a nutshell, it’s this: Because we want to be the place you think about when Nairobi comes to mind.

7 reviews for Anga Afrika Luxury Boutique Camp

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