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Fairview Hotel Nairobi

Get best rates for Fairview Hotel Limited, Nairobi. Grand Voyage will provide a complimentary airport assistance and arrange your airport transfer, car hire or any travel needs while you are in Nairobi.

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Branching out past South African borders, travelers can now enjoy the City Lodge Hotel Group quality you’ve come to trust at our Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. Taking advantage of its beautiful surroundings, this modern and convenient hotel is set on two hectares of perfectly landscaped gardens, ensuring that business and leisure travelers alike are afforded the most relaxing and comfortable stay.

Our Fairview Hotel also features:

  • Wireless internet
  • Conference facilities
  • A wine Bar
  • A pristinely kept Swimming Pool
  • Dining facilities
  • Close to the Nairobi CBD and the city’s two main airports

7 reviews for Fairview Hotel Nairobi

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